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Do you want to try out these needles and tubes ask now the free sample pack. Email your application quoting your company to info@tattworks.nl and we will send you a free sample pack on.

TATSoul Envy Needles are among the most respected and best tattoo needles in the world. The needles are manufactured under the supervision of the best quality control in the industry. Thus, special attention was paid to brazing as flat as possible of the needle to the needle bar, this allows for a precise and fluent movement of needle and ink.

The Wrath disposable tubes are a must for any tattoo artist. The transparent thin precision tip is there a better view of the ink in the reservoir and creates a very good and constant Inkflow. The Vortex grip ensures that the tube very well in the hand. In short, the best needles and tubes in the tattoo industry.

Mike DeVries over TATSoul naalden en tubes Wrath tubes are one of my favorites, the grip is easy on the hands, reduces vibration and the tip is designed perfectly for good ink flow, the slim design on the tips are great too. The Envy needles are awesome! The more I use them the more I like them compared to many other brands I've used in the past. The tubes and needles they produce are one of a kind, quality controlled....

Dan Smith over TATSoul naalden en tubes
 Knowing you can rely on something or someone in life is a great feeling. I have over 12 years of traveling and working all over the world from the back of tour vans to the complete opposite. Knowing I can rely on my tubes and needles in all of those crazy situations or even just day to day work when you're at home is the reason I will continue to use TATSoul needles and tubes. There is no substitution for quality.

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