We are a premium tattoo supply wholesale company that focuses on innovative ideas and top quality products. By our professional team with great expertise in the tattoo industry, we understand you and your needs and we can give you sound advice. We are a wholesaler for professional artists, and offer reliable service, competitive prices and best tattoo supplies in the world.

Our online shop will increasingly offer different premium tattoo products in the future that can always make a step higher your tattoo business. Forget about the poor quality and over the top prices of other tattoo suppliers, we have only the best of the best stock.

We offer you the newest and best quality products in the field of tattoo machines, needles, tubes and other miscellaneous products from leading brands and innovators. Keep an eye on us through the newsletter or social media for new products that will appear in our online store.

We always want to broaden our knowledge and would therefore like feedback from our customers and their experience with our products, we also like to know what products our customers are interested so that we can provide this necessary in the future.

At present we are exclusive importer / distributor for the Netherlands:
TATSoul Premium Supply
Rotary Works Tattoo Machines
Peak Needles
NEDZ Micro Rotaries
Union Tattoo Machines


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